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love the ep. very fun and spooky cant wait for more!!

Glad you liked it! Thanks! :D

your welcome!!

Hey everyone here is part 2 of my gameplay. Please support my channel. Thank you.

I LOVE this series can't wait for more!

Thank you! ^___^

Absolutely loved the game, I feel like this was a huge improvement over the first! I can't wait to see what you do in the near future! 


Thanks a lot Grynch!! <3

Had so much fun recording both ep 1 & 2! Cannot wait until the next one comes out as well!

That was lovely! Thank you so much! :D

I adore your games thank you so much for making them

Thank YOU for playing them! :)

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Octavi! I'm a big fan! Last year I played The Highway and loved the spookiness, style,  and story of it. When I saw that episode 2 came out, I was ecstatic to throw down another LP for one of your products! I really enjoyed The Goodbye Note and like how the story is something completely different from Claire's. I was curious if the new game was going to be related with older one in any way. Nope! New characters, new plot, and new daunting spookiness! I'm thrilled and can't wait for more.

Great work!


Thank you Twizz! I'm glad you liked it even more than Ep.1! Ep.3 will be even better ;)

Would love to play this game, but unfortunately I ran into two game-breaking glitches and gave up. First one was near the beginning after the intro, where it wouldn't let me past the dialogue on screen no matter what I clicked or pressed. Once I restarted and got past it, a second glitch populated where, after taking my seat on the plane, the hostess got stuck partway through her walk by me and ended up moonwalking in place, preventing me from continuing. Hopefully these bugs get squashed and I can see what the hype's all about, since I loved the first game :D

Huh, I knew about the first bug and I'm trying to solve it. The second one is quite weird and I'll have a look at it. Sorry for this bad experience but please, try again! I'm sure you'll have better luck next time :)

I'll definitely take a look again soon! Thank you :)

Still really love the Twilight Zone feeling from this series of games.  Both games have been really good, cool little stories, and I look forward to seeing the next one.  Really great work

Thank you so much! :)

This is amazing! It scared me so much with its jumpscare in the clean room scene and other scenes as well  and I was nervous during the entire gameplay. I can’t wait to see the next episode when it arrives. 20 / 10!

xD sorry for the jumpscares. I usually don't like them but the temptation was too great!

This episode was awesome like the first one! 

Thanks Fran! :)

Really well made, even better then the last episode. 

Thank you!! :D


SO GOOD! Immediately bought the artbook to show support, can't wait for more!!

Thank you for your support!! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! :D

THE ENDING WILL HAUNT YOU! | Midnight Scenes Episode 2 Full Gameplay Walkthrough


Thanks for this video! As always it was really fun to watch :D <3<3

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Loved the first game and loved this one as well! Hope the devs continue to make these because I am a huge fan of the Twilight Zone! Thank you developer for making this, it is so much fun! 

Thank you so much, that was fun to watch! I'm really glad that you liked it! <3

The Midnight Scene games are some of my favorite right now! Really dig the Twilight Zone feel! Any chance there will be more to come?

YOU CAN NOT UNSEE THIS ! | Midnight Scenes: The Highway Full Gameplay Walkthrough

Hello there. For Midnight Scenes Episode 2, the content and idea is great and the game was shaped quite well by the character whom we were playing as and the fact that someone that we know (SPOILER) was the culprit was something that I did not expect to kudos to that :)! 

However, to be frank, there was one part of the game that I did not really appreciate which was the long duration of conversations between the two chracters in the lab. I was actually quite bored and annoyed at it so maybe you can lessen the length of the conversation to give an overall better horror atmosphere of the game?

Anyway, here is the first part of my gameplay of this overall amazing game and I hope that I can recive some support. Thank you :).

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it overall :)

the big final :)

Made a video




Hello Octavi!

Was very excited to see this game up for download. I was looking forward to another episdoe of Midnight scenes. I literally feel like i'm playing a Twilight Zone video game! I hope that's a great compliment to you as, I know Midnight Scenes is heavily inspired by the show. I hope you keep cranking out episodes of Midnight Scenes. It's been a year since we got the first episode. I'm sure they are hard to make but, it was well worth the wait!You are very talented with this series that I hope it grows!


Thank you Raithias! That's a HUGE compliment! :) <3


Super cool! I liked the atmosphere. 

Thanks!! ^__^

Very nice story and it gave me Stranger Things kind of vibes too! Waiting for more.

Thank you!!

Only discovered these recently so I played them back to back on Twitch. Thanks again, hope you continue the yearly release trend.

Thanks for playing Maghook!

my second part

Thoroughly enjoyed this! You nailed the Twilight Zone vibe. The art book was great too. Hope there will be many more episodes to come.

Thank you Jason! :)

Hey there! 

I absolutely loved the first Midnight Scenes when I played it a year ago for a big Halloween "five scary games in one video" thing, and I was so super lucky to find out the sequel was out on practically the same day as I decided to play more short games for the rest of October.

I ran into a very weird glitch in the very beginning where it wouldn't let me pass the first line of dialogue, no matter what I clicked or pressed, but a quick reset fixed that, thankfully. 

Either way, I love the improvements to the TV Show aesthetic, from the slight screen curve to the sponsored message at the beginning to, well, literally everything.  I would LOVE to see a full "season" of sorts for this of a handful of episodes, similar to Stories Untold. I think it deserves it-

If you're interested, please watch my playthrough, and I'll be sure to tune in for the next installment.


Thank you for your kind words! I've been wrestling with that glitch since day one, argh!

I absolutely love this series!! The stories are amazing and I can't get enough!! I hope to see many more!

Thanks so much!! ^___^

hi, i played episode 1 a long time ago and now episode 2. big thx for another great game. i love it so much. greetings from germany

Danke shoen! :)

big thx for your next great game :)

No Linux, what a shame

I hope I can release a Linux version of both games soon!

Episode 2 was great I very much enjoyed episode 1 and this was Evan better can't wait for what's next indie horror gold

Thanks!! ^___^

Shoutout to this game for having a POC as a protagonist!! It's a nice change from the norm. <33

Thank you! :)

This is a very good game. I can officially say I am hooked on this. Here's to more Midnight scenes.

Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you so much! :)

Loved it, can't wait for more as always.... keep it up

Thank you so much! <3

Another fantastic game!!  We enjoyed every minute!!   Keep them coming!! 


Thanks!! :)

No Problem, we are looking forward to the next part!!  Sorry if we butchered your name :/  


Here's me playing the episode 2 till the end,  I am so slow with puzzles lol. but enjoyed every moment of being stuck.


xD thanks for playing!!

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Fantastic, I the great opportunity to play Episode  1 and really enjoyed it so there was no hesitation in playing Episode. Episode 2 has been produced and written in the same style as Episode 1 and is just awesome. Thanks DEVS.

Episode 1

Episode 2


Thank YOU for playing! :)

What an amazing second episode! I loved the story, the characters, the setting was all so perfect! Felt like such an old style creepy horror story! Story was a bit confusing for me toward the end of exactly what happened, but I really loved this! Looking forward to everything else from the studio! 

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it overall <3<3

This episode is honestly so amazing. I played episode one as well but i thought it dragged a bit, this one really blew me away! good job everyone!

Thank you so much!! <3<3

Another great game that I loved playing!

Nice! Thank you!! :D

i loved this game!! The nostalgic feeling of watching an old twilight zone episode was the best and the extra added strings on the plane made it that much more impressive. I love little details like that!!! Thank you for this!

No, thank you for playing!! :D <3<3

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