A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Claire Barnes is about to discover what kind of horrors lurk in the darkness of a deserted road.

In tonight's episode The Highway, we follow Claire on her attempt to resume her journey after an unexpected obstacle appears in front of her car.


Midnight Scenes is a free, short adventure game by Octavi Navarro, creator of Pixels Huh and artist on games like Thimbleweed Park and The Curious Expedition: Arctic Expanse.

The visual style and mystery theme of this game are strongly influenced by Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone.


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Design, programming, art and music by Octavi Navarro.
Sound effects: freesound.org.
Font: BigRematch by Eeve Somepx.

Install instructions

You'll find the download link on the bottom of the page. Unzip the contents of the file on your computer and double-click midnightscenes.exe.


MidnightScenes_Windows.zip (28 MB)
MidnightScenes_Mac.zip (32 MB)


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It was intriguing, beautiful art n music! We definitely need more of this :D

This was awesome! I can't wait to see more "Midnight Scenes" games from you! You have my total support! I love these short, psychological horror point-and-click games and the fact that it's also a pixel-horror just makes it that much more unique. Thanks for making this!

amazing gamecongrats!

amazing game i need to see more episodes <3

Great little game Octavi, congrats!
Very atmospheric, has a really great tone.
As it happens, my wife and I are currently working our way through the old Twilight Zone episodes and this just fits perfectly in that world.
We look forward to more in the series someday! :D

P.S. - If any other Mac users get an "The application ... can't be opened" error, see here for a potential fix! ;o)

Such an amazing episode! I hope you will release more as time goes on. Midnight Scenes has the old school black-and-white horror vibes (which I LOVE) while maintaining the spirit of creating fantastical situations and unique supernatural entities. Please consider packaging as a full game, I know I'd buy it!

In short, I loved it! Keep up the great work! ♡ ♡ ♡

OOO I loved this so much! Reminded me so much of watching the twilight zone! The pixel style, the mystery, the puzzles, it's all so good! Made a video, hope you like it! 

Really liked this story, good  spooky mistery!

I loved the atmosphere of the game! The art style is really nice, and so is the music. 10/10 would play more episodes.

Magnificent atmospheric game, sorry for that short!

This artwork is incredible.  The puzzles were great too.

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Absolutely loved this! So many questions! Music was great as well. I can't wait for the next installments.

(Also, this took me way longer than other people  because I'm really, really dumb <3 )

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Loved everything about this game! I really hope they will be creating more exactly like this. Plus did anyone else get the Twilight Zone vibes?

This is an amazing game! Beautifully made! It would be great if you were to do more like this. Here's my playthrough! :D

Really enjoyed this game, reminds me of Thimbleweed Park and Stranger Things! :)

Beautiful style! We want more!

Its such an awesome game

Awesome mood and style! Looking forward to more :)

Super cool! Would be amazing if this became a full fletched thing that there's several short little stories like this. Amazing. Love it

Stay Rad Everybody!!

Creepy, but not terrifying. It feels like something might be behind you at every turn, but you're not sure.
And just when you let your guard down...

Well done! I had too much fun singing the twilight zone theme while doing this 

Well done i enjoyed this game even tho i had to read it was worth playing with there was more :D

This was very enjoyable! The entire Twilight Zone feel to the game is spot on. I really hope you make more games like this one!

Been following your youtube channel,facebook page and fan of your pixel artwork. I just got to say THIS SHOULD BE FEAUTRE IN PEWDIEPIE VIDEO!!! Btw keep on the great work, ur art is awesome

Excellent game! It sent a shiver up my spine, just like the Twilight Zone TV series! I love the old-school graphics and point-and-click interface. Looking forward to the next episodes!

Great Game Gave me chills!!! hope u will make more games likes this! :P


This was really fun! Can't wait for the next episode!

This game was  very refreshing to play...so different and unique from the norm. If you like  The Twilight Zone, even marginally, you are in for a pleasant surprise.  Really hope the developer keeps making more episodes because I would love to keep coming back to this over and over...   

good game

I thought this was a great little gem of a game. I loved the style, the story line and graphics and It made a refreshing change to play this game.

Keep up the great work and I look forward to the next installment if you have one in the pipeline.



I loved this game, super creepy and decent puzzles. Can't wait to play the other games in the series! 

Отличная игра! Требую продолжения! 

thank you! :)


Awesome ambience and art. I really enjoy this episode, feeling inside a Twilight Zone show, really great.

I missed some idle animation on Claire, maybe showing she's apprehensive

Congratz =)


Hi! ^_^ Just wanted to let you know that I really liked the game. Aw, how I like small little horror pixelated games. I don't know they're just so cozy and the whole atmosphere is wonderful. And the music was also lovely :) I pretty liked the story that was shown to us in 1st episode. Actually I found out that it's "first" part only after playing, but that's typical of me xD The storytelling was pretty creepy and after playing it I have SO MANY QUESTION  and weird THEORIES xD Like is Scarescow a villain here?!! Cause it was at the back of old photos and at kid's picture. Also what the hell happened at that place? Where's the MOTHER? And most of all who the hell was that weird kid that scientists observed and tested in their lab? And what a coincidence that all those scientist are now dead...MUAHAHA xD Aaaanyway xD I'm really looking forward to new episodes, cause it's so cool :) I don't know would you make a continuation of this story or just bunch of different connected somehow (like spooky stories at the campfire kind of thing, or it so reminds me about it ^_^) stories, but I know I'll like it anyway :) So I wish you luck, hope your inspiration won't ever leave you and well... thanks for making this game ^_^  Bye :)


Thank you so much for playing and for your kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed it and that you have so many questions. The only thing I can tell you is that all the answers are in the game... :)

you're very very welcome and aw, that's so good to know :) Will be looking forward to new episodes ^_^

Gave it a go...

Thanks for playing!!

hi, big big thx for this great game. it's so scary and disturbing, i love it. greetings from germany

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it! :)


Great little point and click game! Looking forward to the next one.


Thank you for playing!! <3<3

You're very welcome. Looking forward to more of this 😊

Haha! That's funny, I just watched an episode of (1959) Twilight Zone last night and today I go on Itch.io and discover this. Well, I guess that's a sign that I must play this game.

You should! :D

I sure did and I really enjoyed it. Like holy shit, I felt like I was playing an episode of The Twilight Zone. You should do more of these, like maybe do ones with characters and dialogue or something. I dunno, but if you make more of these, I'm down to play em. :)

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This game looks really nice and the ambiance is fantastic :D.

I also made a video i hope you enjoy.


Thank you so much for playing and for that great video! :)

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