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Claire Barnes is about to discover what kind of horrors lurk in the darkness of a deserted road.

In tonight's episode The Highway, we follow Claire on her attempt to resume her journey after an unexpected obstacle appears in front of her car.


Midnight Scenes is a free, short adventure game by Octavi Navarro, creator of Pixels Huh and artist on games like Thimbleweed Park and The Curious Expedition: Arctic Expanse.

The visual style and mystery theme of this game are strongly influenced by Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone.


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Design, programming, art and music by Octavi Navarro.
Sound effects: freesound.org.
Font: BigRematch by Eeve Somepx.


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Enjoyed the game!


I loved your take on the horror and thriller aspect! There was no jump scare but still kept me on my toes throughout the entire play-through!

Waiting for the next episode!

Nice game, nice concept and i enjoy game. I would like to play more of this type of game. You did a great job! 

I would love it if you made more short stories like this! This episode was great!

Thank you! Episode 2 coming soon! :)

I enjoyed this game so much!

Thanks for playing!! :)

I loved this game I need MORE

Thank you for playing! :) I'm glad you enjoyed it. Episode 2 coming soon!

A very good game, with a scary atmosphere but not too much, just enough ! Enigmas very well conducted, in short, a good job !

Great art and sound! Keep with the good work! :)

Fantastic game, I really hope that pursue more horror because this was done excellently.

Hello Earth Walkers! Tis I! The great spirit of the West and I am here today to show you a game called Midnight Scenes! Crazy stuff! 

Amazing game I loved every second. My only complaint is that I wish there was more of this series.

This was a delight! Loved the 50s setting alongside the Lucasarts adventure game mechanic. Very Lynchian.

Extreme twilight zone vibes

I like it

Hey not to bad of a game so far, I enjoyed the first episode and was hoping for more after. You've got a nice start to a decent point and click horror game and I hope the best for the development!

Absolutely fantastic! I was a little sad that it ended when it did, I wanted to keep playing in this universe forever :D Can't wait to see the next episode!!!

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Nice little adventure game! I especially loved the horror - x-files atmosphere!!
Also i liked the fact that it only require common sense to solve it and it didn't have some weird puzzles.
I can't wait for more 'Midnight Scenes' episodes!

I really want to check this out more! ^_^ 

what do you record with?

I record with OBS :)


thank u love <3 

np ^_^ 

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muy buen juego

excelente atmosfera

lo pongo de nuevo ya que lo subi a twitch y gusto mucho tube mas espectadores y claro les di el link. espero la segunda parte.

en verdad me encanto 

Hmmm.. it was good, but was way too short. I had hoped it'd take 30 minutes to play... nope. easy to figure out, but that was a good feature, just add more to Episode 2.

Rated 5 *'s

I surprisingly really enjoyed this, I don't normally like pixel games like this.

Will you be making more horror games like this? 


Thanks for playing! I'm currently working on Episode 2, so stay tuned! :)

YAY!! I'm so happy you're making another one! lol

Hey, I really enjoyed playing your game, so much so that I gave it a 5 star review. I was curious as to what program you used to draw and what type of tablet do you use to draw with?

Thanks for playing and the 5 stars! :) The art was made with Photoshop and my lovely Wacom Intuos 3 tablet.

very cool game really had fun with it and like the short story style really cool cant wait for more!!

I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for playing! :)

your welcome!!

I made a video about this game. This is a amazing game i really enjoyed it 

Thank you for playing and sharing your video! <3

Thank you so much for making the game 

I played your game and made a video on it!

Hey I played your game and made a video of it! 

You gotta make more to this. This is Just good. So much emotion in it aswell.

This game has a great atmosphere. We really enjoyed it.

We want more Midnight scenes !!!

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!

HI, men i really love your art and   love the way you do it, i want make a donation, but i don't have money for now... sorry but, i say it again, i really love your art :D keep doing a great job!!!


This was very subtle, and very creepy. I appreciated that you conveyed the horror through atmosphere rather than jump scares. The black and white palette and the lack of in-your-face violence made this look very old school to me, and it had more of a sad/tragic vibe than an evil one.


Thanks for playing! I hate jump scares so I'm glad you enjoyed the eerie atmosphere.

Have you ever wondered how to scare someone? Flat tires!


xDxD your video was hilarious. Thanks so much for sharing!

Thank you so much!! I loved playing it!! :D

I played the gaem! it's funny! 재밌게 플레이했어요:)

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing! :)

Hey, I played this a while ago and I was really into it! I'm not a guy that loves jumpscare-kinda horror games so this felt genuinely a bit creepy but interesting! Good job on this gem! 

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it and thanks for sharing your playthrough video, it was fun to watch! :)

1.Muy buen juego, en verdad ,la atmosfera es impactante, la banda sonora

asi como la trama del juego es de las mejores que he jugado para ser un juego tan corto

metro encanto espero sigan sacando mas partes


Muchas gracias por jugarlo y por el video! Me alegra que te gustara :)

You are very good at creating an atmosphere that's creepy without being overtly scary. I was super hesitant with every click I made, even though most things acted normally, or at the very least didn't jump out at me.

Thank you! That was exactly my intention. I don't like jump scares at all. I'm more into this kind of subtle horror that just makes you feel uneasy, so I'm glad it worked :)

I got pretty frustrated at this game, but in the end, I thought it was pretty good.

the game was amazing I really enjoyed it. I liked your style. keep it up and I hope you make another game like this


my channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC87ACz99Buum0tospPSQSbA

watch video here:


Thank you so much for playing and posting this video! I'm really glad you liked it :)

Very effective use of greyscale pixel-art in the story telling. Wish the gameplay were longer though. Looking forward to the next episode, hopefully with more of the backstory ...

Definitely great work!  The "short form" vignette works well.

Why you needed to end the adventure so short my friend? There are no words to describe how GOOD! that was.

Incredible art style, really good sound design and an story that, while we don't know much, is engaging and really intriguing!

It was so good that I was a bit mad it was over, god, how good it was!

Please continue with the great work, I cannot express it enough, make this a full flesh out game, or, as it shows a clear inspiration and homage from "The Twilight Zone" make it a series of anthology games. I'm not anyone to say what you should do next, but buddy, you have potential, please continue doing this. I will follow your work really closely


Thank you so much!! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for news of a new game very soon! :D

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