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Absolutely loved this game, I love the style.

loved the game, keep up the good work! digging the whole "twilight zone" vibe 

The franchise idea is very clever!

Hey ! I love your dark , awesome games ! Really great style !! I'am organizing a small gaming event at the end of this month and i was wondering if you would be interested in showing your games there ?  Its called The Overkill Festival  ( )  Let me know  mail is : greets !


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It looks really great. Any plans for a Linux release?

I just wanted to say that I loved your little game and I really enjoyed playing it 💖 Here’s a full playthrough that I recorded for my YouTube channel 😊 

i absolutely enjoyed playing this! also i'm such a fan of your pixel art/scene! i am super excited to see what you have coming next!


I like the game and can't wait to play the second episode! Thanks!

I really enjoyed playing this game the pixel art style is really well and i really liked the fact that its inspired by the twilight zone can't wait to play episode 2!

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So ready to play part 2.  And The Library.

I truley loved this game and await more with great anticipation. Thinking back I can't think of any constructive criticism, it was well thought out, the jump scares were good and the game itself is super atmospheric. Can't wait to play the next one when I have time and more after that!

Thank you! I hope you enjoy Ep.2 as well!!

i loved this! this was actually awesome!! :D god knows why it took me so long to play this but i am so glad!! awesome job on making this game! :D 

Thanks for playing! :)

Had so much fun recording both ep 1 & 2! Cannot wait until the next one comes out as well!

This game is awesome! The pixel art is beautiful, the whole theme of the game is so nostalgic, and the twist at the end was entertaining! Disappointed that I didn't find out about it until now, but I'm hyped for Episode 2, which I'll be playing shortly.

If you haven't gotten sick of the multitude of let's plays people have made of this game, here's mine... :P

Thank you! :D I hope you like Ep.2 even more! :)

Just adding my name to the long list of players who have made a YouTube video of your charming game.

Also, the horse totally got away with murder.

loved every little detail this episode reminded me of a cross between the twilight zone and stranger things! Cant wait to play episode 2 ill be playing it tonight cant wait to see the next short story! 

THE ENDING WILL HAUNT YOU! | Midnight Scenes Episode 2 Full Gameplay Walkthrough

YOU CAN NOT UNSEE THIS ! | Midnight Scenes: The Highway Full Gameplay Walkthrough

This game brings me so many memories of when I watched Twilight Zone with my dad. I like how when you interact with objects and the scenes, you get some answers and a lot of questions from what you’ve seen and try to come up on what happened. I felt sorry for the boy and father, but I don’t know about the mother since she’s not there. I’ll be playing the second episode! 10 /10 

This game blew me away. I've never played a game like this before but WOW. Reminds of the Twilight Zone! 

This is a great game overall. I feel that maybe it could have been more scary and horrifying and I hope that a little more information could have been given regarding about the death of the boy. Anyway, it is an amazing game. Thank you and please support my channel. 

Thanks for the game. Twilight Zone type mysteries are always fun. Had a bit of trouble at one point like I typically do in point & clicks. Watch my Twitch playthrough.

Great game, clicking to move got a bit annoying tho

This game right here! Takes me back to watching marathons of Twilight Zone! Mix that with old school point and click and I am sold! Awesome game Devs!


I wish I knew about this game earlier. This is very interesting.

A really nice point and click mystery horor game fans of the twilight zone will be happy excited for episode 2

I have too play Episode 2 now!

great game

Good stuff! Can't wait to check out the new episode!

I LOVED the puzzles, and the flow of the game. Come out with more pls :D

Hi! I’m the owner of, a site dedicated to free games. I just added Midnight Scenes to the Free Games Utopia database.

Here it is:

I have to say... being a fan of point & click adventure games, I really enjoyed this and other games you made. Also... love your artwork!

Keep up the good work!

We did a Let's Play of the game Friday, we hope to see more from you, or more parts to add to the story!!


Great atmosphere, really feels like the twilight zone! Pixel art is amazing too!!


Extreme twilight zone vibessss pretty good pretty good


This game was great! I really loved everything about it! The art the music the setting, it all worked so well! It was a really good time and I cant wait for episode two of midnight scenes! 


I really liked this game! It was haunting and the gameplay was good. Good job!

Bem curtinho e a animação é bem bonitinha. Achei que esse jogo é mais de aventura do que de terror

I played your game on my stream today and I really wished the game would have been longer even it it had multiple stories in one game, I would have loved it. I hope you consider adding more to the game or making it a full game.

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