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HUSH NOW... | The Librarian Full Gameplay Walkthrough

Hilarious video as always! xD Thank you so much for playing <3

Really great game. The art style if fantastic and the story is great (even if i didn't fully understand it). Really great stuff!

Thank you for this great video! I really enjoyed watching you play :) I'm glad you liked the game!

An enjoyable short experience, only one puzzle threw me for a loop, just because of where it happened to be I needed to click.  It's an interesting concept, reminds me of a few Librarian based TV shows and movies, I've always found those to be satisfying.  A nice short piece with great art and music.  I look forward to seeing your next game. 


Thanks for playing!! <3

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Not sure I understood the story but as with all of your games and pixel art it was stunning to look at! 

Thank you so much for this video! :) I see you found the story a bit obscure and that's fine! The meaning of the several metaphors is very personal but I strongly believe that in any piece of art the important thing is what the story means to the observer/player, not so much what it means for the creator. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it overall! :D

Overall, I really enjoyed this. The artwork and sound design are what sold it for me since pint and click has never really been my jam and the story seemed a bit obscure from what I could glean. But, save for the first puzzle, likely by my own ignorance, the rest were pretty intuitive once all the pieces were in play. Great work!

Amazing game. Nice job, keep up the good work.


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watch video here:

Thanks for playing and making that video, Falcon! I'm glad you liked it :)

Loved it... Your use of pixels is amazing...
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Thanks for playing! Oh no, those end credits are all messed up... Hopefully I've fixed that bug in the new version :)

It took awhile for it to click but, then I realized that you are the developer for Midnight Scenes! It's been a long while since I played that game but, you can tell a lot of the style from that game is in this game. It explains a lot of the little "jumpscares" that happen here.

Thank you for playing and recording it! I asume you enjoyed the more narrative focused style of Midnight Scenes Ep.1? In that case you'll love what's coming next... :)

Awwww I know it's a short game but I just can't get enough :')))))
Lovely game! Also, this might not have anything to do with the game but when I saw your skulls on the tree, on the streets, I was like, "Hey that's an Octavi Navarro skull!" XD 

xD Thank you! Yeah, my art style is all over those skulls xDxD

Lovely visuals. Is the 'more coming soon' another Librarian adventure? :)

PS For anyone watching, please consider subscribing for a copious amounts of indie games. 

Thanks again! :) No more "Librarians" for now.
Don't tell anyone but my next game might be an "Episode 2" of...

Uuu... is it going to be a new ... scene? ;) 

Another beautiful work. Congratulations, Navarro. I adore how you tell the story with sounds, art and emotions, rather than with words.

Thank you! And thanks for playing! :)

Very nice! Lots of atmosphere and the animations are really good :)

Thank you for playing! :) <3

It was awesome! The story, visuals and puzzles and come together wonderfully to make this simple yet fun game. I would definitely recommend it!

Even if it was short, I enjoyed it a lot. Oh, and I'm not sure if this is intended or not, but part of the end cedits do not show properly, and that makes them very hard to decipher. Other than that, congrats! And thank you for the lovely experience <3

Thank you!! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

And thanks for the bug report. Unfortunately I can't reproduce it on my system. May I know which platform are you playing it on, please? Win, Mac? And which resolution are you using?


I'm on a Windows10 . As for resolution, I believe it was ultra? It was the default for sure

Weird, I'm using Win10 too and it looks fine... Well, I'll keep investigating. Thank you Ana!

No problem! Idk maybe it was a one time thing

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