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Nice game. I enjoyed playing your game. The atmosphere is game is really spooky and cool.

cool game!!!

Very lovingly crafted. :) The pixel art was great, the music was calming, and the encounters were pretty unique. The only odd thing I found was the random blurriness. I couldn't seem to find any reason why random spots on the screen were blurred at times, but it wasn't a big deal. I thoroughly enjoyed it, looking forward to more of your work!

Can I record myself playing this?

Of course! :)

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I will upload it on Friday

just in case you wanted to watch it.

I don't like pixel arts, but this game is great

I need a time to think about the message behind the game,but it is a great game!!! I am sorry but my mom don't let me buy anything from internet,but I will share with my friends.

OBS:sorry for the bad english,I'm brazillian :3

I'm mexican xdxd

I'm mexican xdxd

I didn't get to play much, but from what I did get to play I was very entertained, good job :)

The best 30 minutes on a PC game for ages...

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Thank you so much everyone for your kind comments and great videos! I can't answer to every single post but I read all of them and watch all your Let's Plays, which I find really fun to watch :)

Thank you all for your great support and stay tuned for a new short game very soon! <3<3<3

I love this game, it has a lil' spoopy vibe to it and think that this has one of the most beautiful imagery I have ever seen in a pixel art game. I look forward to more games like this! High expectations! 

I am actually pleased with myself finishing it, it wasn't that easy!

About the game itself though, it was really beautiful. Very daring approach to an old point-and-click genre, and what an execution.  With dedication at the begining in mind I could really feel.. something, I don't know. A sense of nostalgia, especially when it's all over. 

Thank you for this beautiful experience. It was great. 

Loved the ambience this game had, look forward to future workings!

Nice game. The easy puzzles help the game progress at a good speed which helps the story along nicely and not drag it out. Well done... :)

There was definitely something very wrong in the library. Looked and sounded great with some fairly simple puzzles to keep you interested. Not bad at all.

Immensely atmospheric and really creative visuals, it would make a memorable mark for a long time 

This was an awesome game I really enjoyed it :)

Man this was a really nice short game pixel art was very well done, puzzles were very simple  to be honest i enjoy hard puzzles but they were creative so i still enjoyed them music was also very decent as well overall 5/5 also i made a funny video to go along with so to those  who see i hope you enjoy my commentary 

Well, that was fun; did see a bug, though; after taking the note from the agent, there was a key on the ground. I noticed that the agent was a hotspot, still, so I tagged it and... it melted away and dropped the key on the ground. I guess the key's not supposed to spawn until after you've dismissed the agent?

The pixel art is amazing. This type of game is pretty cool because it breaks down the language barrier using animations and scenes instead of tons of dialog.

I wrote a review about The Librarian to let our fans know. Keep it up!

This game is absolutely amazing and I really enjoyed playing it. I wasn't able to finish it in one episode, cause I suck at puzzles, but I intend to make a second video to finish it off. 

Nice little game, I really enjoyed it :) 

I loved Midnight Scenes and I love this one, too! Here's a video of me playing it!

any Idea how long it takes to finish it?

It took me less than 20 minutes. You can see an estimate if you drop down the more information box.

k thx


a Linux version would be greatly appreciated. :-)



that's great game! I Enjyed Play! 재밌었어요 :)

Nice game. Really liked the graphics and sound. 

This game is something worth playing. Very simple.

Thanks so much! :)

This game and story was so beautiful! So much was unexpected but welcomed! The puzzles were nice and rewarding and the environment was so fleshed out and just amazing! I didn't think too much about the meaning behind it all until after completing the game and i'm still thinking about it, but it obviously is very powerful. Loved it! 

xD I enjoyed your video, thanks for sharing!

A very nice story line! I really enjoyed it. :) 

Thanks!! :)

So, after a few minutes of playing my computer shut down: just turned off without warning. I turned it back on and started the Librarian again. I sped through what I knew, and got further... then my computer turned off again.

I let my computer idle for a while before without starting the game. No problems came up and a malaware bytes scan detected no problems. I'm not sure what you might need to diagnose whatever was going on. I thought someone here might have had a similar problem. 

Anyway, I watched one of the videos below instead of trying to play. I thought the atmosphere was fantastic, and the pixel art great. I'd love to see something like this in a longer, less linear format.

hmm... weird, I didn't get any other reports of the same issue. Sounds like an overheating problem maybe? If anyone else is experiencing the same behaviour I hope they tell me about it so I can investigate the cause.

In any case, thank you for playing and I'm sorry you couldn't get to the end.

Nice little game, Octavio. Great pixel art, nice soundtrack, the right length for a bite sized game!

And I really enjoyed your art from Thimbleweed Park!

This was beautiful! It definitely held a similar charm as Midnight Scenes: The Highway. The pixel art was gorgeous and the animation to go along with it was stunning. You're very good at this! Your games so far have told a silent story that leaves the player to think about what happened. To decipher what it all meant, if it meant anything at all or if it was meant to take literal. The music matched up with the atmosphere perfectly, changing with the mood of the scenery. The game had so many different settings, as well. It's nice to see so many different colors, moods and sounds in one game. Anyways, I loved it. I can't wait for more from you! Thanks so much for making this masterpiece!

I'm glad you enjoyed the game! Thank you for playing and for the great video! :D

thank you! Glad you liked the video! :D

Very beautiful little game! The graphics, sounds and puzzles all great! I love how you managed to tell the story without any words, and I want to know more about the Librarian and the plot - what really happened?

Well... This is interesting.

I'm someone that adored your first short game "Midnight Scenes" and I couldn't wait for your next game. You should have seen my excitement when I received the notification that you got a new game out. But... I have some problems with it. It's not bad my any means, but please, hear me out.

Let's first point out the good things: The presentation is top notch, far better than Midnight scenes. I cannot believe how much have you improved. The game looks gorgeous. The pixel art is done with such love and care, you can feel the passion, and, I must say. At the very beginning of the game, I truly felt comfortable and warm in the protagonist house.

The music is harmonious and melancholic at the same time. 

The sound effects are great.

I don't like puzzles much, but they were okay. I just sometimes found it a bit frustrating to hit on everything and seeing nothing happening. I don't like scratching my head to know what to do and it pull back the experience for me.

What for me ruined the experience was the story. I understand that this may come from a very special place to you (as you dedicate this game to your father). But I couldn't stand it. I never had any clue as to what was going on and when I finished the game I just felt disappointed. I didn't get any message out of this and the bird at the end just left me saying "why?". I know that there are games that tell stories without saying a word. But in here it seemed you have trouble conveying your message. It was too convoluted.

I'm truly sorry if my criticism offends you, I truly am and I do not intend to hurt anyone with this review, but I'm telling you how my experience was. I hope that your next game is great. Midnight scenes was truly wonderful, and this wasn't a bad experience AT ALL, it just was okay for me. You have a lot of people that is loving it for what I can see, so that's good. Many people enjoyed your game and I'm happy that other people could have a better experience than I did.

I will still follow you and wait for you next game, I'm truly excited.

Best wishes :)

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Thank you for playing and for your honest feedback. And no offence at all, don't worry! :)

I sincerely believe that the important thing in any kind of art is what it means to the observer (or player in this case) and not so much what it means for the creator. The story of this game didn't say anything to you and that's totally fine! Just believe me when I say that everything is told exactly the way I wanted.

I hope our minds connect better on my next game! :D

Thank you for the kind reply! :D

I do really hope that our minds connect again with your next game. I'm truly excited about it.

Wish you the best! ;)

This was honestly such a stunning game! Can't wait to see your future projects!

Thank you! <3 More coming soon!

This was a really nice and short little pixelated adventure. I have always loved this simple yet creative art style in these types of games. Top that off with atmospheric music that fits the world so well, and you have a gem of a game. The game does a good job at presenting you with a short story that draws you in to find out more but keeps just enough from you to think on your own. I left the game wanting more and hoping there may be some kind of part 2 to answer the many questions I now have. All in all a surprisingly creepy little point and click adventure. I did a video on my experience with the game if anyone is interested.

Thank you so much for playing and doing this video! It was fun to watch!

Can't wait to see more to this game it was so fun and well made

Thank you! And thanks for playing! :)

Made a video

Thanks for playing to both of you! :D

Very well done game and looking forward to what you make next

Excellent game, I loved it. I had a great time enjoying every detail of this great game, it's a masterpiece. I do not have words to qualify it. After playing "Midnight Scenes - The Highway" I could not wait for the next release of your next game. You are very talented and each time you show it more in each delivery you make, the animations, the scenes and the colors are fantastic, without leaving aside the puzzles, they are excellent, worthy of a work of art. It is incredible how one person is capable of designing such a work of art as you do, you are very talented and do things with great delicacy. I can not wait for the next adventure, keep it up. You are an excellent video game developer, and stand out for your great quality and artistic style, it is unique, giving it a very cool retro effect. Hugs.

Thank you so much for your kind words Josthin!! I'm so glad you liked both games. Stay tuned for more! :D

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